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Posted On April 14, 2010 | By Bradley C. Kuszmaul | 3 comments

I (Bradley C. Kuszmaul) am presenting two talks at the MySQL User Conference.

The first talk is a 5-minute talk at tonight’s Ignite MySQL session organized by Brian Aker. I’ll present some performance measurements on the Intel X25E SSD. The bottom line is that although I can get the 3,300 random 4KB writes per second, as the spec sheet advertises, I cannot seem to get more than about 11,000 reads per second, although the spec sheet says I should get 35,000.

My second talk is tomorrow (Thursday) at 10:50am, where I’ll talk about Fractal Trees. I’ll explain how Fractal Trees work, and show why they can get one to two orders of magnitude speedup on insertions compared to B-tree indexes. The talk is about data structures and algorithms, but I think it should be easy for everyone to understand. If you want to know why Fractal Trees are fast, this is the talk for you. Thanks to Mark Callaghan and his facebook fans for supporting my talk. The talk was finally accepted yesterday!

3 thoughts

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  2. Igor says:

    Are you planning to make available slides of the second presentation? Thanks.

  3. bradley says:

    I’ll be putting up all the slides. Haven’t got to it yet.

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