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Hot Column Addition and Deletion Part I –...

Posted on by Martin Farach-Colton

From 18 hours to 3 seconds!
Hot Column Addition and Deletion (HCAD) Overview
TokuDB v5.0… introduces several features that are new to the MySQL world. In this series of posts, we’re going to present some information on these features: what’s


Tokutek’s Chief Scientist Discusses TokuDB...

Posted on by admin

Running with Big Data
It’s spring here in Boston, though one could hardly tell (still barely hitting 40°F). So, for those stuck indoors working out on the treadmill, or those lucky enough to do a workout outdoors, we’ve got a…

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What’s the Big Idea?

Posted on by admin

Big Data + Big Ideas = Big Advantage
“Big Data” is the new buzzword in IT. Doing a Google search will yield over 1M hits. In Boston, there were two back-to-back Big Data events last month…. On Wednesday in

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Announcing TokuDB v5.0: Making Big Data Agile

Posted on by admin

The Big Data Opportunity
“What if you could analyze every transaction, capture insights from every customer interaction, and didn’t have to wait for months to get data from the field?”- McKinsey Column, Financial Times…

Despite this tremendous opportunity, MySQL implementations


Understanding Indexing – MySQL Meetup

Posted on by Zardosht Kasheff

Yesterday, at the Boston MySQL Meetup, I gave a talk on indexing. It is posted here (also…).
In short, indexes are used to improve query performance. As a result, good indexes are designed around queries that users

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MySQL Partitioning: A Flow Chart

Posted on by Martin Farach-Colton

In Part 1, and Part 2… of this series, I presented some thoughts on partitioning. I heard some great feedback on why people use partitioning. Here, I present a flow chart that summarizes what I’ve learned. In summary: with


Hip To Be Square

Posted on by admin

As Huey Lewis once noted, sometimes it’s “Hip To Be Square.” Apparently, occasionally, someone even pays attention to you when you are. Xconomy just featured “10 Boring Boston-Area Tech Companies That Are Actually Interesting…” and we

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