Hip To Be Square

Posted On March 3, 2011 | By Tokutek | 0 comments

As Huey Lewis once noted, sometimes it’s “Hip To Be Square.” Apparently, occasionally, someone even pays attention to you when you are. Xconomy just featured “10 Boring Boston-Area Tech Companies That Are Actually Interesting” and we made the cut. As they note it is a “short list of the Boston area’s most boring-sounding tech companies that readers should actually care about.”

So how did we get on their radar screen? They noted TokuDB for using “’Fractal Tree indexes’ to ‘enhance MySQL’s scalability and performance.’  In other words, it makes existing databases faster and more efficient to query and search.”

It was nice to be mentioned among a great list of other area tech start-up notables who have been shaping industries, but, like us, may never be featured in a movie with Justin Timberlake. It’s our most unusual honor yet, but we’ll take it. As author Gregory T. Huang noted “in technology and business, as in life, it’s often the boring stuff that survives and ends up killing the competition.”