Talk to the MySQL Council

Posted On April 9, 2011 | By Bradley C. Kuszmaul | 0 comments

We’ve been busy at The MySQL Council. Giuseppe’s summary does a good job explaining what we’ve been up to.

You can communicate with the MySQL council in several ways including:

  • Respond to the MySQL Council Survey.
  • Talk to one of the council members. I’ll be in Orlando on Sunday and Monday, and in Santa Clara on Tuesday through Friday. Giuiseppe say’s he’ll be in California then in Florida. Other council members include Sarah Novotny, Sheeri Cabral, Rob Wultsch, and Matt Yonkovit. Any of us would be glad to hear your questions, concerns, or ideas about how to make the MySQL Council more effective or more representative of the community.
  • Submit your questions for the keynote.

Hope to see many of you this week.

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