TokuDB v5.0.6 is Now Available

Posted On November 11, 2011 | By Tim Callaghan | 0 comments

This version includes support for “SELECT … FOR UPDATE” as well as displaying table “create time” and “last update time” via “SHOW TABLE STATUS”. The release also addresses a number of other bugs and fixes such as “point update” and “replace into” deadlocks. For more details, see the release notes section of the user’s guide, available here. To get the latest version of TokuDB (free for evaluation, development, testing, qualification, experimentation, and POCs ) click here. Starting with this release, we’ve also streamlined the installation process by creating a combined tarball that includes both MySQL and TokuDB.

Note that we’ll be hosting an upcoming webinar on November 15th for those who want to learn more about TokuDB in general as well as the details of version 5.0.6. For details on the webinar, see here.

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