ODBMS Interview: Scaling MySQL and MariaDB to TBs

Posted On October 9, 2012 | By Tokutek | 1 comments

Recently, our CTO, Martín Farach-Colton had a chance to talk about scaling MySQL and MariaDB with Roberto Zicari of ODBMS.

In the article, Martin states “While I believe that one size fits most, claims that RDBMS can no longer keep up with modern workloads come in from all directions. When people talk about performance of databases on large systems, the root cause of their concerns is often the performance of the underlying B-tree index.” He also notes how “Fractal Tree Indexes put you on a higher-performing tradeoff curve. Query-optimal write-optimized indexing is all about making general-purpose databases faster. For some of our customers’ workloads, it’s as much as two orders of magnitude faster.”

To read the full article, and to see how Tokutek is helping companies scale MySQL, see here.

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