Small Data

Posted On November 12, 2012 | By Tokutek | 0 comments

There is obviously much being written these days about Big Data. While the term has many different meanings to many different folks, our MySQL and MariaDB customers tend to find their data to be uncomfortably big when the tables become too large for memory. In this case, more storage has to be acquired, performance starts to lag, and making changes to the schema becomes a challenge.

TokuDB addresses these issues for big MySQL instances by delivering high compression rates, faster insertion and query performance, and agile schema changes. That said, many people who evaluate TokuDB have smaller databases (where tables fit in memory) that they anticipate will grow larger. They wonder if starting with TokuDB makes sense up front.

Recently, Database Journal posed this question and performed some benchmarks of TokuDB on a smaller dataset. The answer to whether TokuDB should be used for smaller data sets was a resounding “yes”, as the reviewer at Database Journal saw improvements in record insertion perfromance, queries with a table scan, lookup speed, and column management. See here for details.

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