The Last Mile for Big Data – Strata Overview with Jeff Kelly of Wikibon (Part 2)

Posted On March 11, 2013 | By Tokutek | 0 comments

During the second half of our CUBE discussion with Wikibon analyst Jeff Kelly at this year’s Strata Conference in Santa Clara, we talked about the tipping point for Big Data. Strata veterans could see at a glance that this year’s conference was markedly different. No longer the exclusive domain of geeks and database administrators, this year’s Strata featured some of the biggest enterprise vendors around. With heavy weight enterprise players Intel and EMC Greenplum announcing their own Hadoop distributions, big data is clearly going mainstream. Now that we know how to capture, store, access and analyze big data, what’s the next step? Listen in to hear my conversation with Jeff Kelly about taking big data down its last mile and finally putting it in the hands of business users.

Source: Wikibon

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