Wanted: Evaluators to Try MongoDB with Fractal Tree Indexing

Posted On March 20, 2013 | By Tim Callaghan | 2 comments

We recently resumed our discussion around bringing Fractal Tree indexes to MongoDB.  This effort includes Tokutek’s interview with Jeff Kelly at Strata as well as my two recent tech blogs which describe the compression achieved on a generic MongoDB data set and performance improvements we measured using on our implementation of Sysbench for MongoDB.  I have a full line-up of benchmarks and blogs planned for the next few months, as our project continues.  Many of these will be deeply technical and written by the Tokutek developers.

We have a group of evaluators running MongoDB with Fractal Tree Indexes, but more feedback is always better.  So …

Do you want to participate in the process of bringing high compression and extreme performance gains to MongoDB?  We’re looking for MongoDB experts to test our build on your real-world workloads and benchmarks.  Evaluator feedback will be used in creating the product road map.  Please email me at tim@tokutek.com if interested.

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