Announcing TokuMX v1.3

Tokutek is pleased to announce today’s release of TokuMX v1.3.

The goal of this release was to bring full MongoDB v2.4 compatibility (with the noted exception of Text Search and Geospatial Indexes). The initial release of TokuMX was based on MongoDB v2.2, but we’ve been busy back-porting interesting MongoDB v2.4 features along the way. After releasing TokuMX v1.2 a month ago we decided to focus all our effort on full compatibility. Full details on all the changes are available in the “Version History” section of the TokuMX User’s Guide.

Want to know what’s next for TokuMX or help shape it’s future? Keep an eye on our GitHub repo, email me feedback at, or post in our Google-group.

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2 Responses to Announcing TokuMX v1.3

  1. chensi says:

    We are using MongoDB in production, and would like to use tokuMX. I have a question, can tokuMX set coexsit with Mongodb set in one same Sharding Cluster?


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