Announcing TokuDB v7.1.5

Posted On March 12, 2014 | By Tim Callaghan | 1 comments

Yesterday we released TokuDB v7.1.5, which includes the following important features and fixes:

  • Upgraded MySQL and MariaDB to version 5.5.36.
  • Six months of performance improvements to our underlying Fractal Tree indexing.
  • Fixes for bugs, stalls, and behavioral issues reported by users.
  • Fixes for issues identified by the addition of Random Query Generator (RQG) testing.
  • Fixes for issues identified by the addition of Valgrind testing.
  • Full details on the changes in TokuDB v7.1.5 can be found in the release notes section of the TokuDB User’s Guide, available from our documentation page.

As always, you can download the Community and Enterprise Editions from the TokuDB download page.

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  1. […] TokuDB version 7.1.5 now computes a type for all of the columns in the table when the table is opened. Fixed length columns can now have zero length, so the row encoders and decodes work correctly. […]

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