Company Overview

Founded in 2006, Tokutek is a performance database company that delivers Big Data capabilities to leading open source data management platforms. Our breakthrough technology lets you build a new class of applications that handle unprecedented amounts of incoming data and scale with the data processing needs of tomorrow.

Tokutek was formed to commercialize Fractal Tree® indexing, which was developed at and is licensed from MIT, Stony Brook, and Rutgers. Fractal Tree indexing replaces B-tree indexing – 40-year-old technology – that is used in virtually all leading databases management systems. The resulting databases have dramatically improved performance (20x), reduced database size (90%), and increased operational efficiency to meet the requirements of today’s demanding applications.

Tokutek Products

Tokutek makes our technology available to users of MySQL, MariaBD, and MongoDB. All Tokutek products are open source, and are backed by enterprise class services and support. Products include

Fractal Tree Technology

Tokutek’s patented Fractal Tree indexing technology is a result of ten years of research and development by experts in cache-oblivious algorithmics and is protected by multiple patents. It is a write-optimized algorithm that drastically reduces I/O through intelligent buffering. The innovation of Fractal Tree indexes is most evident when your working set grows larger than main memory: even during extreme data ingestion, write performance stays consistent.

You can benefit from Fractal Tree indexing without having to change your applications, and you can seamlessly switch between databases technologies.

For More Information

To learn more please enjoy the following resources.

  • Webinars – live and archived events
  • Case Studies – user stories from a wide range of industries
  • Benchmark Results – data on performance, scalability, and database size
  • TokuMX Download – for MongoDB performance, compression, and transaction support (open source)
  • TokuDB Download – for MySQL / MariaDB performance, compression, and hot schema change (open source)