Tokutek Subscriptions and Pricing

TokuDB® (for MySQL and MariaDB) and TokuMX (for MongoDB) are open source, and come in both Community and Enterprise editions. The Community editions can be used for free. A 30-day free trial of any Enterprise Edition, which includes support, is also available. A full Enterprise Edition license requires a Tokutek subscription.

Enterprise Edition Subscriptions

A Tokutek subscription, which includes a license to use the Enterprise Edition of Tokutek’s storage engines, offers the following additional benefits over the using Community Edition:

  • Technical Support: Customers can ask Tokutek an unlimited number of questions via e-mail support. These can range from technical questions around troubleshooting to feedback on operational deployments. This support is provided by Tokutek’s world class technical team; the same team who designed and implemented the Fractal Tree Technology at the core of TokuDB and TokuMX.
  • Onboarding: A Tokutek engineer provides an initial onboarding call, to ensure a smooth rollout of TokuDB or TokuMX and to address any questions that might arise.
  • Advanced Tools A Subscription includes a license to use the Enterprise Editions. The Enterprise Editions include tools such as Hot Backup that allows a backup to be completed while the database is running.

For the latest per-server costs, please download the Tokutek Price List.

If you are interested in a free 30-day trial of an Enterprise Edition of either TokuDB or TokuMX please contact us.