TokuMX Community Edition Download

Open source, high-performance distribution of MongoDB – Try it Today

TokuMX is a performance engine for MongoDB that delivers

  • 20x insertion speed improvement
  • 90% reduction in database size
  • ACID transaction support

…over basic MongoDB without requiring changes to your application.

Want 30 days of free support or hot back-up? Try TokuMX Enterprise Edition.

Current release: TokuMX 1.5.1 Community Edition for MongoDB, 64-bit Linux
TokuMX is open source – download it today and see for yourself:


Click here to download packages for Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, and Fedora.

The following two downloads are only necessary if you want to build TokuMX from source.
TokuMX Source Code Download at GitHub  
Fractal Tree Library Source Code Download at GitHub