TokuDB Storage Engine Download For MySQL, MariaDB

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Get the high-performance storage engine for MySQL, MariaDB.
Download TokuDB, a MySQL / MariaDB storage engine download that delivers 20x insertion speed improvement, 90% reduction in database size, and support for hot schema changes. You can switch storage engines without having to make changes to your application.

TokuDB is open source.

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Community editions can be used for free, and the Enterprise editions require a Tokutek subscription. A 30-day free trial of any Enterprise Edition, which includes support, is also available. Contact us to request a free trial.

Community Edition Enterprise Edition
Software community project community project plus enterprise features such as hot back-up
Support public forums professional support from Tokutek technical staff
Cost free free for 30 days
License GPL version 2 Core: GPL version 2; Plug-ins: proprietary