Tokutek Patches for MySQL

Tokutek is proud to be an on-going contributor to open source MySQL. We believe that we and the MySQL community at large all benefit from the additional features, bug fixes, and performance improvements we contribute. And of course, we also contribute patches that help MySQL’s BerkeleyDB API to provide optimal performance and support for our TokuDB storage engine.

We have contributed our patches to both MySQL and MariaDB, and they are available as OpenSource under the GPLv2 license.

MySQL Community Source

MySQL source for each release of TokuDB can be downloaded under the GPLv2 license from the links below.  Each source tar file includes all Tokutek patches for the MySQL binary released with the corresponding version of TokuDB.

Tokutek Patches

Tokutek Patches for MySQL (Partial List)

Patch Description MySQL Bug # Patch File
Auto-Increment The TokuDB storage engine maintains its own auto-increment counter, and does not require that the auto-increment field be the first field in some key 44927 autoincrement-patch
32 Columns per Index Increase the maximum number of columns in an index from 16 to 32 45754 32_col_per_key
Clustering Indexes Support multiple clustering indexes 45458 cluster_key_patch
Prelock for Scan Handler function to notify storage engine of a full scan on a secondary index 45759 prepare_index_scan

Please contact us at if you have any questions about any of Tokutek’s patches.