TokuMX – High-Performance MongoDB Distribution

What if you could analyze every transaction, capture insights from every customer interaction, and didn’t have to wait for months to get data from the field?

Complete distribution of MongoDB for demanding applications

TokuMXTM is an open source, high-performance distribution of MongoDB that has dramatically improved performance and operational efficiency compared to basic MongoDB. TokuMX is a drop-in replacement for MongoDB, and offers 20X performance improvements, 90% reduction in database size, and support for ACID transactions with MVCC.

TokuMX is for Big Data applications, and reduces costs associated with development, scaling, and optimization efforts.

Benefits for Developers

  • 20x faster w/o tuning
  • Transactions w/o tedious code
  • Switch w/o changing your app
Benefits for DevOps

  • Use fewer servers; avoid upgrades
  • 90% compression = less flash
  • Scalability w/o losing data integrity

The Tokutek distribution has the same language interface as MongoDB so you can switch databases without changing your application, but replaces 40-year-old B-tree indexing with patented Fractal Tree® indexing technology. The result is a distribution of MongoDB that has dramatically improved performance, increased compression, and support for MongoDB transactions.

Try TokuMX Today

No code changes are required to try TokuMX. TokuMX is open source, and is available in both a Community Edition and an Enterprise Edition. The Enterprise Edition comes with hot back-up and free support for 30 days.

Download MongoDB Distribution Download MongoDB Distribution

Toketek offers the following resources to help you get started:

TokuMX – Key Features

MongoDB Compression

  • MongoDB Performance – TokuMX delivers faster complex ad hoc queries in live production systems without requiring application rewrites or tuning – even during rapid data ingestion and when tables are too large for memory. >> Read More
  • MongoDB Compression – Because of our write-optimized compression, TokuMX achieves up to a 90% reduction in HDD and flash storage requirements without impacting performance and reduces the number servers needed to host a MongoDB database. >> Read More
  • MongoDB Transactions – TokuMX adds transactions with MVCC and ACID reliability to MongoDB and makes it possible to take advantage of the leading NoSQL database in a wider range of applications. >> Read More

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About MongoDB

MongoDB is the leading NoSQL database. Designed for how applications are built and run today, MongoDB (named from “huMONGOus,” meaning “extremely large”) empowers organizations to be more agile and scalable. It enables new types of applications, better customer experience, faster time to market and lower costs for organizations of all sizes.