Tokutek Technology

Our breakthrough technology lets you build a new class of applications that handle unprecedented amounts of incoming data and scale with the data processing needs of tomorrow. Learn more about the technical foundations of the TokuMX™ and TokuDB® distributions.

Fractal Tree® Technology

Tokutek’s patented Fractal Tree indexing technology is a result of ten years of research and development by experts in cache-oblivious algorithmics and is protected by multiple patents. It is a write-optimized algorithm that drastically reduces I/O through intelligent buffering. The innovation of Fractal Tree indexes is most evident when your working set grows larger than main memory: even during extreme data ingestion, write performance stays consistent.

Video: Fractal Tree Indexing Overview

PDF: Fractal Tree Indexing Overview

Presentation: Customer Use Cases (Boston MySQL Meetup)

Big Data and MySQL

TokuDB is for Big Data applications with demanding requirements that are not met by your current storage engine, and reduces the deployment costs associated with scaling and optimization efforts.

Video: Elephants on a Trapeze: Keeping Big Data Agile (Rutgers)

PDF: Solving the Challenges of Big Databases with MySQL (MySQL Connect)

PDF: Data Structures and Algorithms for Big Databases (XLDB Tutorial)


A software-only MySQL plug-in, TokuDB is MVCC and ACID-compliant and fully compatible with existing MySQL applications, requiring no modification to existing MySQL code or application logic. TokuDB uses Tokutek’s proven Fractal Tree technology to extend the capacity of MySQL databases while improving performance, transactional integrity and operating efficiencies.

MySQL Indexing

Hot Indexing enables ad hoc queries to run fast with realtime, optimized index support. Hot Column Addition/Deletion/Rename gives database administrators the freedom to rapidly define and add new fields.

Video: Understanding MySQL Indexing

PDF: Understanding MySQL Indexing

Presentation: Understanding MySQL Indexing (SF MySQL Meetup)

Indexed Insertion Benchmark (iiBench)

We developed the iiBench benchmark to measure performance for a use case that occurs commonly in production applications related to advertising, social media, and network management.

Learn more about iiBench Testing