Planning for an Eval


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Areas Where TokuDB Excels

TokuDB is a highly scalable, zero maintenance downtime, ACID and MVCC compliant MySQL and MariaDB Storage Engine that offers on-the-fly schema modification and powerful indexing-based query acceleration. In practice TokuDB particularly excels over InnoDB on applications with the following characteristics:

  • Tables too large for memory – For example, 100M rows x 100 bytes/row would not fit into 8 GB of RAM
  • Substantial insert, update or delete requirements – TokuDB scales to tens of thousands of rows per second
  • Must query fresh data in “interactive time” – TokuDB eliminates hours or days of delay for batch insertions
  • Range queries – Richer indexing greatly accelerates range queries that must scan many rows (10,000 or more)
  • Disk space limitations – Compression ratios up to 25x vs. ~2x with alternative storage engines
  • Slave Lag – Writes are usually the bottleneck for replication. TokuDB addresses this with high ingestion rates
  • Hot Schema Changes – No need for hours or days of database downtime to add/drop/rename columns or add indexes
  • Big data management – Run larger databases without incurring additional work of managing partitions
  • No dump/reload downtime – TokuDB indexes don’t fragment so query performance stays high
  • Flash Wear Life – TokuDB writes fewer, larger blocks which reduces overall wear. This extends the life of flash by an order of magnitude for many applications.

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