TokuDB vs. InnoDB

InnoDB TokuDB®
Index Type B-tree Fractal Tree® index [more]
Insertion Rate at Scale 100s / second 10,000s / second [more]
Compression ~2x 5x – 10x typical, up to 25x possible [more]
Hot Indexing No (hrs+) Yes (secs to mins) [more]
Hot Column Addition/Deletion/ Expansion/Rename No (hrs+) Yes (secs to mins) [more]
Fast Loader No Yes [more]
Fragmentation Immunity No Yes (no dump/reload downtime – no index fragmentation) [more]
Clustering Indexes Primary Key Only Multiple [more]
Fast Recovery Time No Yes [more]
Eliminates Slave Lag No Yes [more]
MariaDB Compatible Yes Yes
ACID Yes Yes
MVCC Yes Yes