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Cloud Enablement

    • Fiction Publishing on the Web

      For indexes with 100+ million rows, FictionPress uses TokuDB to provide predicable, consistent performance and ensure fast disaster recovery.

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    • Video Services

      TokuDB improved ability to react to changing business requirements in a Big Data environment.

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    • Metadata for Cloud Storage

      A high-availability Agile Storage cloud offering with exabytes of capacity leverages TokuDB for metadata management of billions of digital assets.

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    • Real-time Analytics

      MaxCDN Insights is a real-time analytics platform for MaxCDN customers. It stores 200,000 rows of raw log data per second. That’s 120 billion rows per week; or 8TB of uncompressed log data every day. After careful evaluation, MaxCDN selected TokuMX for it’s unparalleled ability to ingest data at these rates, compress it, and deliver performant real-time query capabilities.

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Social Networks and Web Analytics

    • Copyright Surveillance

      TokuDB minimizes storage requirements while maximizing I/O, insuring that Evidenzia can move at network speed and tackle copyright violators.

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    • Real Time Web Analytics

      By maximizing performance, ensuring flexible schemas, and limiting file growth, TokuDB for MySQL saved Lucky Orange from having to re-architect their design around immature NoSQL alternatives.

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    • Professional Network

      Dramatic improvements in data ingestion rates with TokuDB insure that large batches of inserts from a binlog do not result in slave lag.

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    • Social Network Search

      Radically accelerated social network web crawler performance and improved accuracy and timeliness of “Advanced Search” application for Facebook users.

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    • Social Media Monitoring

      TokuDB delivered a two orders of magnitude gain in write performance. Query time also improved, dropping from hours to just minutes.

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eCommerce Solutions

    • Social Influence Mktg Platform

      Crowdtap Deploys on Tokutek’s TokuMX™ High Performance MongoDB Distro and Tokutek Enterprise Support Delivers Seamless Transition and Near-Zero Downtime.

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    • Online Poker Tournament Site

      To keep up with a growing database that customers need to access in real-time, SharksScope uses TokuDB to manage their information and provide reliable, consistent query results for their subscribers.

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    • Online Advertising

      TokuDB® enables clickstream analytics for online advertising when the datasets are too much for InnoDB or NoSQL solutions to handle.

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    • Electronic Payment Solutions

      As their online payment transaction volume has grown, so have the demands on the databases. TokuDB is used to deliver unparalleled scalability and performance

Data Processing

  • Logfiles for Mobile Apps

    TokuDB allows Jawa to process over 10 million log entries per day without partitions or other workarounds.

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  • Data Visualization

    TokuDB powers Datazilla, Mozilla’s system for managing and visualizing performance data.

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  • Machine Data for NASA

    Tackling machine data for an 800M+ record database while savings thousands on infrastructure.

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  • Genomic Big Data

    Enabling the hunt for new cures for diseases by seamlessly processing billions of mutations in epidemiology records.

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