TokuMX™: High-Performance MongoDB Distribution

TokuMX is an open source, high-performance distribution of MongoDB that dramatically improves performance and operational efficiency compared to basic MongoDB. TokuMX is a drop-in replacement for MongoDB and reduces costs associated with development, scaling, and optimization:

  • 50x performance improvements
  • 90% reduction in database size
  • Support for ACID transactions and MVCC

The Tokutek distribution has exactly the same language interface as MongoDB so you can use TokuMX without changing your application, but it replaces 1970s B-tree indexing with modern Fractal Tree® indexing technology. The result is a distribution of MongoDB that greatly accelerates performance, dramatically cuts disk and flash-drive storage, and supports full ACID transactions.

Increase MongoDB Performance

TokuMX’s Fractal Tree indexing improves MongoDB performance through

  • Better caching – delivers in-memory performance for very large databases
  • Intelligent buffering – drastically reduces disk I/O
  • Document-level locking – results in far greater concurrency over database-level locking

Get MongoDB Compression

TokuMX uses advanced data compression when storing data and the most dramatic space savings are found in applications that handle highly repetitive data. For example:

  • Social networking data
  • Online marketing data
  • Logfile data

Transactions for MongoDB

Basic MongoDB lacks support for full ACID transactions and for applications where correctness is critical—this can create a significant challenge for the application developer. TokuMX eliminates that problem by providing native support for transactions and also provides multi-version concurrency control (MVCC) to further simplify application development. TokuMX delivers:

  • Data integrity during frequent reads and writes
  • Greater concurrency through document-level locking
  • Increased developer productivity by simplifying your application

Don’t take our word for it!

Companies such as Cisco, Crowdtap, MaxDN, Performance Horizon Group use TokuMX to substantially improve the performance of their MongoDB applications while significantly reducing storage costs.  We’re so confident TokuMX will do the same for you we’re putting our Dollars, Pounds Sterling, Euros and Yuan where out mouth is.  Learn about the MongoDB Speed-up & Slim-down Challenge here.


Coming Soon

In the soon to be released version 2.8 (now called v3.0) of MongoDB, MongoDB, Inc. will introduce a new storage engine API. As a result a number of new storage engine options will be available to MongoDB users. In fact, Tokutek will offer a new, “storage engine only”  TokuMX sibling based on this API.

Learn more about the new TokuMX sibling, TokuMXse, here, and stay tuned for more news as the release date for MongoDB 2.8 approaches.